Introduction of DotEnergo Zrt.

DotEnergo Zrt.

DotEnergo Energetics and Building Services Zrt. provides the operation, maintenance and development of the power engineering systems of the Medical and Health Sciences Centre (DE OEC) and the Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences (DE TEK) of the University of Debrecen.

Besides the operation of power engineering systems we also take part in the planning and implementation of power saving investments and funding of the development and modernization of existing systems.


We provide facility management since 1 November 1995. Within the area of health care the Medical University of Debrecen was the first which decided to outsource its technical and operational activities. The University received 21 tenders to its invitation which was finally won by DotEnergo Kft.

DotEnergo Kft. was founded by public servants, who operated and maintained the power engineering systems of the University, in association with professional investors ensuring a significant investment on the University's obsolete power engineering system that originated from the 1960s.

Fulfilling our contractual obligations we installed a CAT 3412 type 375 kW gas engine block heating unit.

Between 1998 and 2000 we performed a comprehensive power engineering reconstruction. In the framework of that the existing central heat generation units and the heating network stations of Facility No.1 and No.2 were renewed. We increased the capacity of Facility No.2 pipelines. A remote surveillance network for the heating system was also installed. Buildings that formerly had steam heating (Auguszta building) were transformed to hot water heating. We funded the reconstruction of the boiler house and the installation of the gas engine. Due to our significant contribution the rest of the investment was supported by the Ministry of Environment and certainly by the University. We transformed into DotEnergo Energetics and Building Services Engineering Closed Joint Stock Company. After this our company became the electrical utility service provider of the DE OEC. Fulfilling our contractual obligations another CAT 3412 gas engine block heating unit was installed, the cost of which was funded by Energo-Holding Kft. within our group of companies.

In the framework of own funded developments a performance monitoring system was installed to observe the electrical power consumption of the DE OEC. We took measures to equip certain consumer groups (Theoretical Building, Main Lecture Hall) with energy efficient lamps. In this area we could decide about further cooperation together.

In order to securely provide heating services for the DE OEC we made a recommendation in 2002 together with the Debrecen Heating Service Provider Zrt. to connect the distant heating system of Debrecen with the University of Debrecen. According to the plans of the DE OEC and the DE TEK we funded and performed the construction of the distant pipeline and the distant heating network station in the boiler house of the DE OEC. The investment and the supply line built by the Debrecen Heating Service Provider Zrt. were funded in the framework of our long term development program. From 15 October 2003 the heating and sanitary hot water supply are provided primarily with the energy bought from the Debrecen Heating Service Provider Zrt. This ensured new alternatives for the heat energy supply of the DE OEC that made the service operation more secure.

In 2004 the Egyetem tér Campus of Debrecen was taken into the service area. Meanwhile in consideration of the Facility No.2 developments of the DE OEC and according to the plans of the DE OEC the heating supply of Facility No.2 was also connected to the distant heating network. The enlargement of the distant heating line was funded by our company. Due to the developments the CO2 emission was significantly reduced (by 4000 tons) in the concerned areas.

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Dr. Császár Edina
Dr. Piskolti János