Operation of power engineering systems

Service areas

University of Debrecen, main buildings of the Medical and Health Science Centre

University of Debrecen, main buildings of the Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences

Activities of power engineering systems’ operation:

  • maintenance of high-voltage networks, transformer stations, low-voltage networks and service systems,
  • providing, maintaining and managing the good working conditions of emergency power supplies,
  • providing the operation of a gas reception facility,
  • operation and maintenance of drinking water wells, reservoir pools, water tower and water preparation systems,
  • providing the continuous operation of a boiler house and related feedwater system,
  • production of process steam. Operation and maintenance of supply networks,
  • production of sanitary hot water, repair of pipelines and consumers' equipment,
  • management of heating systems. Operation, repair and renewal of distant heating network stations,
  • operation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems of the buildings,
  • maintenance of in-house drains and sewers,
  • facility management,
  • management of surveillance systems,
  • reconstruction of power engineering systems,
  • power management,
  • providing energetics services.

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